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29. Healthy Company Culture

Ken Kinard and Mike Boyes interview Jeffrey Page, VP of Operations at Precise Software, to talk about how to lead a healthy company culture. Continue reading

28. Marketing as Stewardship

Ken Kinard and Mike Boyes converse with Aaron Groen about a biblical perspective on marketing, particularly for Christian business owners.

27. It Was Good (Part 2)

Ken Kinard and Mike Boyes conclude the conversation with Ned Bustard about applying the artist perspective to work.

26. It Was Good (Part 1)

Ken Kinard and Mike Boyes invite Ned Bustard to help you apply the artist perspective to work in this discussion of It Was Good: Making Art to the Glory of God.

25. The Work-Faith Connection

Ken Kinard and Mike Boyes explore what’s driving the choice of podcast topics. In this discussion we wanted to explore this idea of aligning what we do at work with what we believe about work.

24. Has Diversity Killed Critical Thinking?

Ken Kinard and Mike Boyes finally respond to James Damore’s missive on Google’s diversity policies from July 2017. Before you jump to any conclusions about what Mike thinks, be sure to listen to the entire episode. I think you’ll find this stimulating and challenging. Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber: How bias clouds our thinking about diversity and inclusion Tim Cook’s comments regarding cultural values to stock holders where Tim tells climate change skeptics to ditch Apple shares If I Can’t Be Divergent I’ll Be Candor by Mike Boyes Ken Kinard  

23. Warrior

Ken Kinard and Mike Boyes explore the Warrior role in the creative process, with a nod to Seth Godin, and Pat Benatar. Creative Roles: Explorer, Artist, Judge and Warrior Seth Godin’s Blog  

22. Performance Appraisal

In this episode we ask if the performance appraisal is dead, or if it should be.

21. Don’t Judge Me

If you have ever collaborated with another creative, you may have played the artist to his or her judge (or visa versa). It’s where the writer meets the editor and hashes out which ideas will proceed to refinement and which will get tossed aside. After pestering Ken about his clothing, Mike prods Ken into talking about the role of Judge in the creative process, and how to play it well in your creative team.  Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Christoph Neimann, illustrator Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix Mike Boyes from Credo Consulting Ken Kinard from Accent Interactive Creativity … Continue reading

20. Collaboration—Bold the Question Marks

Ken Kinard and Michael Boyes talk with Dr. Chip Roper on how collaboration is working in New York City, and what we can do with our infatuation to collaborate. Credo Consulting Ken Kinard, Coach Creativity Workshops at Creativity Labs Chip Roper at Voca Center

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