Assessment + Workshop + Coaching to help students (ages 15+) launch their careers

How well will your child launch?

Expensive Mistakes

Around age 18 most students make life-altering, long-term career decisions based on this question: “What am I passionate about?” This guidance may be well-intentioned, but it’s a shaky foundation for a career in which you will spend over 100,000 hours. 

But students are doing it anyway. The result is big bucks spent “exploring the options” in college, switching majors several times, and starting adult life with massive debt. There must be a better way.

A Smart Foundation

A better approach is to discover early in life how you are wired and explore the career paths that match your unique strengths. But how?

Find and Follow Your Calling

This workshop was designed to help you find and follow your calling. It helps you understand how you are wired (natural abilities), how you learn (learning style), what kinds of work suit you (work style), how you communicate on the job (communication style), and which careers options are a good match.

Part 1: Assessment

Long term career success and fulfillment depend on a person’s unique gift set, which lasts a lifetime, not on their passions, which can be fleeting. That’s why we start with objective, scientifically-verified data about how you are wired using the Highlands Ability Battery.

This online, 3-hour series of 19 timed exercises reveals your natural abilities based on performance, not perception. It’s been proven to be effective for thousands of people since 1920. The cost of this assessment is included, and students will take the assessment prior to attending the workshop.

Part 2: Workshop

Learn about yourself in a small group and get deeper understanding into what makes you unique. Activities are designed to help you process the results and gain confidence in the gifts you may want to develop through training and education.

Part 3: Coaching (optional)

Students who want to go deeper can sign up for individual coaching at a reduced rate to help customize a college and career plan.

Coaching Benefits:

  • Individual attention from a professional coach
  • Accountability for taking courageous action and staying on track
  • Support, challenge, and encouragement from people who do it for a living


Ken Kinard, MM, CPCC, PCC

Ken is a certified coach, founded a creative agency, and loves helping his four kids and yours reach their potential. He has a master’s degree in computer music composition from Peabody Conservatory and is a former professor of music and Great Books (Torrey Honors Institute) at Biola University in Los Angeles.

Dr. Chip Roper

Chip graduated from the executive coaching program at Columbia University. Chip has helped hundreds of students and adults find clarity around their vocational path and calling. He currently in the president of VOCA Center in New York City, a non-profit agency designed to help people thrive at work.

Educational Opportunity Cost

1 year at Ivy League school $75,000
1 year at private college (average tuition) $34,740
College Prep High School, Media $45,000
SAT Prep Class (in person) $1,499
One-on-one tutoring $100–200/hour
Changing your major (typically adds at least one year) a lot
Changing your career even more

Dates and locations for 2019 coming soon. Stay tuned.



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