Creativity Coaching Program

Most people know they have creativity in them but are unsure how to unlock it to get great results at work. Some start well, but when they get stuck, frustration sets in and they often resort to doing creative work only as a hobby. Others do creative work as part of their full-time job, but are just winging it when it comes to creative problem solving. And it’s no wonder they feel lost—creativity is almost never taught in school. Teachers will instruct on disciplines (writing, drawing, music performance, engineering) but then just assume that creative people will pick up the creative process along the way.

For work teams, it gets even more complex, because everyone has a different idea of how to be creative, and we are often unaware of the different styles of creatives or how to work with people whose approach is different from our own.

Out of that frustration, and to help Creatives everywhere, we created the Creativity Coaching Program in 2014.

Here’s the good news: Creativity is a skill, and you can learn to master it. We’ve been teaching this it for years and hundreds of people have gone through our curriculum. And many of them are now making full time income and growing lifelong careers from creative work. So, yeah, it works.

How it Works

Our Creativity Coaching Program teaches you how to master the creative process in your work. Along with the lessons, you will work on a creative project of your choice to apply the learning. It is a good way to deepen your own creative process and get some accountability for your work (the creative project you were hoping to do anyway).


The Creativity Coaching Program is in 6 parts. It usually takes about 3 months to complete, but it’s flexible. We typically meet for 1 hour, 2 times a month. You will also have homework in between sessions and access to the learning management system (LMS) that tracks your progress as you watch videos and answer questions.

What You Will Learn

  • ROLES: How to master the 4 Roles in the Creative process (Explorer, Artist, Judge, Warrior) and how to integrate them effectively (Synergy).
  • MODES: How to master the 5 Creative Modes (Divergent, Convergent, Lateral, Aesthetic, and Emergent).
  • LIFESTYLE: How to effectively manage your resources (Time, Space, Energy, Money, Critique, and Team) to steward your creative gift.
  • CREATIVE SIGNATURE: How to be you as a Creative: discover how to leverage your unique blend of natural abilities (from the Highlands Ability Battery) and personality traits (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator / Enneagram) for your creative results.
  • MASTERY (NEW FOR 2023): How to get into flow and optimize your creative skills for short-term and long-term success.
  • PROJECT: Pick a personal project and work on it throughout the workshop. We use this to practice what you are learning and expand your capabilities. Get feedback on your work so you can make it even better.


One of the outcomes is project you will complete during the program. Another outcome is the Creative you are becoming as you master the creative process.


There are three versions of the Creativity Coaching Program:

  • Individual: Personal coaching via Zoom or in person: $1,900 US plus assessments
  • Cohort: Groups of 4 or more via Zoom: $790 US plus assessments
  • Team: Ask us about customizing a program for your work team.

Contact us for more information. Let’s get you mastering the creative process. What would you like to make?



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