Creativity Talk: April 8, 2014: Don Perini

Join us for a free casual evening on the topic of creativity.

Don PeriniCreativity Labs is hosting special guest Don Perini, Professor of Creativity from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Don will be speaking about his new book, Emerge in which he encourages individuals to practice creative habits in order to produce meaningful work.

In addition to teaching, screenwriting, and game designing, Don travels the nation shaping the way educators, writers, and entrepreneurs think about creativity and innovation.

The event is free. Refreshments will be provided (courtesy pastry chef Jay Lampart) and Don will be available to sign copies of his book.

From the book cover:

As a Professor of Creativity, I give my students only one rule. It is a simple rule, but it must be followed. No student is allowed to walk into my class and say, “I’m not creative.” Why? Because it is a lie. It is a destructive lie that has kept many good people from discovering their creative potential. Join me and thousands of others on a pilgrimage to learn how you can unleash your creative potential, enhance your talents, boost your career, and improve your life.


“Don shared many valuable insights that he has gained through his research on the creative process as well as a variety of helpful strategies for overcoming obstacles that prevent artists, writers, musicians and other creatives from producing to their full potential. It was an interactive, engaging evening where the audience contributed as much as the main speaker. Well worth the time! And there were some amazing pastries as well!” —Dave in Timonium

“I found both the presentation by Don and the discussion with others beneficial in considering the creative process. I walked away with practical ideas that are easy to implement and will improve the way I approach a project. I see ways to avoid wasting energy and directing that energy in a productive way. Don also provided terminology to discuss steps in the process which are applicable to many creative endeavors. It was a motivating night!” —Wendy in Towson



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