CL7: Stupendous Storytelling with Rick Garside

July 16, 2014
9 am to 12:00 noon
Accent Interactive in Hunt Valley, MD

Rick Garside, film maker from Hollywood, joins us for a workshop on how to make better stories, better films, and take your audience on that emotional roller coaster ride in your movies.

We all want millions of people to love our movies and follow our channel on YouTube. Or have that break-out blockbuster in the movies, or attract a bigger audience than American Idol. How do the professionals do it? Story, Story, Story. It all comes down to a great story.

But how do you recognize what makes a great story? How can you make better stories? Come to this workshop with Film Producer/Writer/Director Rick Garside to improve your game. He will cover the basics of recognizing the elements of a good story, critique any student’s work that you’d like to bring, and encourage you towards being the best you can be.

Live Feedback

If you are a storyteller, film maker, or stop action video maker, bring samples of your recent work to get the most value from the workshop. Rick will be giving feedback that can help make your story telling better.

About Rick

Rick Garside is an independent filmmaker, a member of the Producer’s Guild of America, and recently directed Faith Happens. He created a number of award-winning dramas including “Hoomania”, “Thin Ice”, “On The Edge” and the “Jump Start” series. He co-produced “Pat Boone: Hollywood Pilgrim” for the BBC, was UPM for the Academy-Award nominated IMAX film; “Amazon”, and UPM the “Newtons’s Workshop” and “Present Time” video series for Moody and Zondervan, and “Jacob’s Gift” for PAX TV.

Rick line produced three feature films for World Wide Pictures – “A Vow To Cherish”, “Something To Sing About” and “Road To Redemption”. Rick directed the second unit stunt and helicopter sequences in their film “The Climb”. Rick is a member of the National Ski Patrol and uses those skills in a lot of films requiring an ‘adventurous spirit’.



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