A Creative Kick in the Pants


Innovative Demands

In today’s competitive marketplace, innovation is no longer an option—it’s a requirement. Virtually all teams need to execute fresh ideas that improve the bottom line. Creativity is now a fundamental skill in the workplace.

Creative Vision

Whether you are a seasoned creative, or you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body, this workshop is for you. Offering a fresh perspective on the creative process, this hands-on experiential workshop will challenge your mindset, open you up to new possibilities, and strengthen your collaborative skills.

Unique Workshop

This program is like no other. You will:

  • rediscover your natural creative power
  • learn the foundations of creativity so you can reliably deliver results
  • experiment with the four roles in the creative process
  • engage in challenging hands-on projects that demand novel thinking, problem solving, and collaboration

Creativity Workshop: December 8, 2016

8 am to 12 pm
Grace Fellowship Church
Mini Auditorium
9505 Deereco Rd
Timonium, MD 21093

Sponsored by Hunt Valley Business Forum.


Ken Kinard, MM, CPCC, PCC

Ken Kinard, MM, CPCC, PCC
Ken’s passion is to be the most creative guy you know. With degrees in music and technology, he founded Accent Interactive, a creative marketing agency in Hunt Valley, to help businesses grow by improving their communication. He’s a nationally recognized creativity coach, podcaster and speaker. He started Creativity Labs to help individuals and teams become more creative and productive.

Michael Boyes, MA, ACC

Michael Boyes, MA, ACC
Long ago Michael discovered that he just wants to help people. As a trained I/O Psychologist and President of Credo Consulting, he helps business, government, and military leaders throughout the US create healthy, productive workplaces. Michael’s partnership with Ken Kinard grew out of their shared interest learning, growth, and creativity.



Ken writes on topics like creativity, work, and productivity. Learn from his discoveries…and his mistakes.




Get clarity on your life purpose, honor your values, and make a bigger impact. With Ken you go farther faster.




Ken and Mike co-host a podcast called WorkWise: The Growth Mindset for Wisdom at Work. Listen in.


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