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Directions to:
Accent Interactive
1506 Worthington Heights Pkwy
Hunt Valley, MD 21030

Your GPS will get you close, but it’s tricky because:
1. The house numbers are not sequential.
2. Some GPS systems call our part of the street “Evergreen Drive” but it’s really just a continuation of Worthington Heights Pkwy.

So, after you turn from Cuba Road onto Worthington Heights Pkwy, you are a half mile away.
1. You will see a bank of mailboxes on your RIGHT. Follow the curve in the road to the LEFT.
2. Pass 1 driveway on the RIGHT and follow the road to the RIGHT to stay on Worthington Heights Pkwy.
3. House is on the RIGHT, the number (1506) is on a tree. It’s a white colonial house with a circular driveway. Friendly people inside.

Lost? Call office 410-771-1718.



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