I am building up a new website “” in which I want to focus on helping others think beyond the “JOB” mentality and dive into their creative side and take control by doing work they love to do. Chase and fulfill those passions. So my writing articles will support that cause.

January 1

JUST say NO to JOB

A campaign that needs to be pushed a little further is “Just Say No to Job!”. Hi, I’m Mark Ruiz and I am 30 years old. I have been a retail employee for 14 years with 10 of those in the Asset Protection field as a Retail Investigator. My experience has allowed me to study a major group of people in the same position. That particularly is the retail worker.

The retail worker is someone who works in a retail store particularly whether a big box mart or a grocery chain. They most likely are a part time employee playing out their life in a yearly cycle of seasons/holidays and if they are lucky, they don’t get laid off. Many work for years and work hard for a measly $0.30 raise. When I view the average retail worker, they are a single parent, they smoke, and they drink after work with some co-workers to expand about and complain about the day and other workers or management or the company. They continue to do this from one JOB to the next. Some may be fortunate and are made for the retail world and are excellent customer service people and love what they do everyday so to them, it may be more of a passion and not a job. Even though, they are sure to get burned out once they reach management as the corporate world demands the impossible without regard to one’s family life. We see that as companies stay open on holidays to make an extra buck.

Many would feel trapped. I’ve heard people say, this is all I know to do, unless I go back to SCHOOL, I won’t do any better. Ugh!!! What!!!! That is insane, I know because I’ve said it!

A retail worker is often living from paycheck to paycheck, stretching every dollar for decent housing and food for their family. Some even get so desperate that they turn to committing embezzlement from their company or merchandise theft. It’s what they know, they don’t know any alternatives or think, they can’t do anything else without work around the clock at the available part time jobs. Then if charged, it just got twice the challenge to get hired elsewhere.

Another particular individual I have come in contact most my career are shoplifters. Professionals and Amateurs as well as peer pressured juveniles. I have interviewed thousands of people that have stolen and the story for the most part are all the same. “I just got laid off”, “I’ve applied, but no one is hiring”, “I don’t know what else to do”, “I have an addiction, and no support”. Some very sad stories that I have come to grasp as sad but is a daily occurrence mostly revolving on some sort of dependence of a JOB. Awesome, thanks corporate America!


I intend to build into that particular support for chronic jobbers to break free from corporate America and the job dependence and chase and fulfill that passion just like I am currently doing and tell the world about it. I will seek those that are thieving, that are stressed and need to break free, that are suffering from addiction due to no support. “” will be an entrepreneur counseling site and people will be successful!!

There is a way out!

Say NO to JOB and say YES to

– Financial and Time Freedom
– Signing your own paycheck
– Living your dreams
– Building upon your hobbies
– Loving family and friends
– Whatever you desire that a JOB prevented you from accomplishing due to irregular hours and demands.

January 4

Take A Current Inventory

Awesome, you’ve decided to take control of your life and wealth and get started on saying no to your job and saying yes to passion. Before you go off and quit your job and current income stream, you need to take inventory of your current haves and future needs.

A few questions to ask oneself before embarking on this mission:

1. Where will I sleep at night? How much will it cost me?
2. Do I have savings?
3. What current financial obligations do I have? (mortgage, kids, car payment, etc.)

If you have no savings for at least 1 year of expenses, and you have a car payment and have to pay rent/mortgage, then you need a stream of income. Can you stand to to set a goal to save up quickly so you can safely quit your current hated JOB? Or can you take part time hours somewhere until your paying passion brings in revenue regularly?

My current situation would not allow me to just up and quit as it would affect others around me, however I am reviewing what is needed and considering stepping down to part time at my JOB.  I don’t necessarily hate what I do, but it doesn’t fit in with the lifestyle I want. It is a limited income, I want flexibility to earn as much as I can to live the lifestyle of financial and time freedom that will allow me to spend more time with family and friends, travel more, keep my health up to standard, and help others     that are suffering.

The most important step though is setting actionable goals with milestones for mini accomplishments that will keep you motivated. Somewhat like a business plan, you should have a lifestyle plan that you visit on a weekly basis and update as needed.

January 5

Career Backup: Non Jobber
I have recently viewed some videos on You Tube of many joining the Non Jobber movement.
What is a “Non- Jobber”?
A Non Jobber is someone who doesn’t go to a regular JOB. A non-jobber is someone who creates their own work, a creative entrepreneur. Many non-jobbers do their stuff over the internet and too many is a paid hobby and often can be recurring. They do things they love and not things just because our great system trains us to. They challenge the status-quo.
They take a path less beaten. They don’t believe in the system, “Get a good job”, work for 30+ years and retire then enjoy life. Why would anyone want to enjoy life in their 50s? This is very depressing to me.
Many people enjoy their jobs. They were the lucky ones who found a good quality of life job and may not want to give it up. Those people can easily backup their current job by doing some Non-Job work part time that creates the passive income needed to live life and when they want, retire. They won’t have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck because they have a steady income coming in. This is a much better system than the social security that many of us may not be able to benefit from.
Who can benefit from a Non-Jobber lifestyle?
⁃    Those that can’t stand people telling them what to do every second of the day. (When to come to work, when to leave, how long of a lunch, how many breaks, etc.
⁃    People who like to travel.
⁃    Those that are challenged from getting a job due to negative involvement in the criminal justice system.
⁃    People that want time freedom. Choose when they work, where and how long.
How can one start building the Non-Jobber lifestyle?
There are many programs out there that teach you how to start an online business, which in my opinion this type of work is best accomplished via an online business.  How many actually provide you value and hope? Not without paying $997.
A non-jobber can get started even if they don’t even have a job and get their niche sites up and running. They can create up to 2 FREE websites by clicking here. With the “No Obligation”, “No money down” starter account, you get the websites and Course 1 of the Online Entrepreneur certification.  Wealthy Affiliate owners, Kyle and Carson have create a community unlike any other seen before where there are thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs around the world connecting and building their business together, teaching one another and you get access to that. Free Online Chat for assistance 24/7 for the first 7 days. Wealthy Affiliate is the easiest and by far the most comprehensive training out there for the price of your time. That’s it. With hard work and dedication to learning and taking action your first few months, you could be on your way to earning income on a monthly basis helping others as well.



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