Creativity Labs Coaching Program

Creativity Labs coaching program is a virtual training class that covers the creative process in the context of a group. Each individual will work on their own creative project to apply the learning. It is a good way to deepen your own creative process and get some group accountability for your work.


The Creativity Labs coaching program is in 6 parts. It usually takes about 3 months to complete. We meet for 1 hour, 2 times a month. You will also have homework in between sessions and access to the learning management system that tracks your progress as you watch videos and answer questions.

What You Will Learn

  • ROLES: How to master the 4 Roles in the Creative process (Explorer, Artist, Judge, Warrior) and how to integrate them effectively (Synergy)
  • MODES: How to master the 5 Creative Modes (Divergent, Convergent, Lateral, Aesthetic, and Emergent)
  • LIFESTYLE: How to be you as a Creative: discover how to leverage your unique blend of natural abilities (from the HAB) and personality traits (MBTI / Enneagram) for your creative results. (HAB assessment is included. If you have taken the other assessments, pass on your results to me and we can use them in the coaching. If not, contact me for adding an assessment or two to your package.)
  • PROJECT: Pick a personal project and work on it throughout the workshop. We use this to practice what you are learning and expand your capabilities.


One of the outcomes is project you will complete during the program. Another outcome is the Creative you are becoming as you master the creative process.


There are two versions of the Creativity Labs program:

  • Individual: Individual coaching via Zoom or in person: $2,900 US
  • Cohort: Group coaching via Zoom: $790 US

Cohort Schedule

Contact us for more information on the next cohort.



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