Creativity Camp 2018


June 11–15, 2018

Creativity Labs presents a fun way to kick up your creativity this summer. Spend the morning learning all about creativity from the pros. Then in the afternoon, apply your learning to a creative team project. Along the way, get coaching and mentoring on how to turn your imagination into reality.

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writers, techies, musicians, designers, performers, visual artists, photographers, videographers, anything-elsers, the kind of people who might someday want to work at a creative agency.


  • Unlock your creative passion
  • Discover what makes you unique
  • Find your groove in the creative process
  • Collaborate with other creatives
  • Find out what blocks you and how to get back into flow
  • Learn how to turn your passion into a money-making machine

This Year’s Theme: Game Design

This year’s theme is game design. You will be getting into small groups and designing your own game, making improvements along the way as you traverse the 4 creative roles and exercise the 5 creative problem-solving skills.

Best Fit

  • Ages 12-22
  • Someone who would love to invest a week in a creative project and could use some coaching


kenKen Kinard
Accent Interactive
jenniferJennifer Kinard
Accent Interactive
Chris ValottaChris Valotta
Accent Interactive



Monday–Friday: 9am to 5pm (bring your own lunch)
Friday dinner is provided for students: 5-7pm
Friday reception for parents and friends: 7pm


1506 Worthington Heights Pkwy
Hunt Valley, MD 21030 map

“Creativity Camp helped me grow as a person, learn about what goes on during the process of creativity, and will highly benefit me during future projects.”

Rachel B

“Creativity Camp was super fun. My favorite parts were the QuickFire Challenges and the way the team worked together to finish our project by Friday.”

Happy Camper from Creativity Camp 2014

“Collaboration generates amazing energy. Entering into the creative process together brings wonder and surprise every time.”

Accent Interactive

“I’m a writer and mostly work alone. Creativity Labs feed my relational, playful sides. And each of the labs I’ve participated in has given me a tool—sometimes just a word or image—to get me past that nasty place called Stuck.”

“Working through the challenges at Creativity Labs has paid off for me as a photographer. This experience has changed the way I look through my lens. I’m seeing light, shape, line and texture in a whole new way.”

  • lunch
  • laptop and/or iPad
  • curiosity
  • playful spirit
Creativity is a skill. You get better by practicing it. Together we challenge each other to be our best.
Creativity Camp is more about the process than the product. You will put tools in your toolbox that will carry you through your entire career.
If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right. Kids are naturally creative. Stay playful and see what happens.
The hallmark of the creative person is mental flexibility. This is where you learn it.
You can’t find good solutions unless you ask the right questions. Learn how to keep the conversation going and explore the possibilities.
Steve Jobs once said, “Real artists ship.” The creative life is not for pie-in-the-sky idealists, it’s for people who actually deliver.



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